Green Tip of the Month

During the winter months, you can reduce your utility bill by installing a programmable thermostat. Reduce the temperature of the home when no one is there. This will cut your costs significantly.


Company Profile

We are one of the few electrical companies that offer the wide range of services that we do. We are constantly exploring new technologies and ways to better serve our customers more efficiently and comprehensively.

Our company uses green resources and disposal services

  • Master Licensed Electrician
  • NYSERDA certified
  • ESCO
  • Certified Structured Cable Integrator
  • Merchant Circle Member
  • NFIB member
  • NFPA member

Hello & Welcome

I am Mike Murch, CEO and founder of Murch Electric Co. LLC. I am a master licensed electrician. I have made it my personal mission to provide my customers with the knowledge of the electrical industry and professionalism. It is my goal to meet the electrical needs of my clientele. Over the years, my company has grown to meet the demands of the most electrical services in the industry.